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Some of our professional clients are:


Firmly established in Limassol since 1965 by Andreas Leventis, with an historic background in the Building Industry since 1918, our family-based Group of companies has been steadily growing since then by providing our customers and clients with Reliable, Innovative and Flexible services in Building Design & Construction.

Equally respected by our associates and competitors, our companies are known for their professionalism, ethos, reliability and persistency on quality.

“To create and maintain long-lasting friendships with our clients by exceeding their expectations, and doing that by supporting a team of highly dynamic, diverse, and productive professionals.”
Our Values
  1. To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our customers, subcontractors, professional associates and suppliers.
  2. To provide a professional approach to completing quality projects which meet our budget and schedule goals by forming a team dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.
  3. To raise the bar as far as building standards are concerned, and avoid any kind of compromises.
  4. To educate, train and support our staff as best as possible to create long-term positive results.
  5. To steadily expand and sustain a Group of Companies that gives emphasis on strong foundations rather than fancy decorations, exactly like our buildings!!
Why Us?

We have so far been able to combine:

  • more than 90 successful years in the local market,
  • superior knowledge of construction methodologies and material specifications,
  • professionalism in all aspects of our services,
  • passion for Architectural creation,
  • family-based structure,
  • up-to-date computer hardware and software,
  • ability to transfer our ideas on paper and 3-d models,
  • excellent staff qualifications and training,
  • unparalleled client interaction and communication,
  • respect from local contractors, subcontractors and suppliers,
  • the fact that more than 3000 buildings have been created so far in Cyprus. 
  • Our all-round knowledge and experience has allowed us to expand our services to include buildings in the United Kingdom, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, acquiring local knowledge and enriching our understanding of Buildings even more.
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